Access to IMPAN wireless network with tickets

  1. You may get ticket in the IM PAN Library, Banach Center or at the ground floor reception. One ticked allows you to access the internet 24 or 48 hours. Your time counter works if you are connected to IMPAN SSID.

  2. certyfikat
    Among visible access points find IMPAN
  3. Connect with this network – network security key is 1234567890
    you should enter it once or twice and click OK or Connect
  4. Open your browser and try some place outside domain for example
  5. You may get alert the connection is untrusted
    click I understand the risk
    and then Add exception
  6. You may see
    Permanently store this exepction and Confirm Security Exception
  7. Instead of expected page you get Login Page,
    Login for Web Authentication

    Meru Networks, Inc.
    User ID
    Copyright © 2004, Meru Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
    enter here your login and password from the ticket
  8. Now you may use freely our wireless network


If you have no access to some journals or bibliographic bases you should use proxy settings in your browser:

in Firefox
Tools -> 0ptions -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings
check Manual proxy configuration
in the window HTTP Proxy enter
and in the small window nearby Port: enter 8080